Design Peer Review 


Rather than spending time on repairing defects after they occur, there is great benefit in undertaking a peer review of contract documents, including architectural and engineering drawings.


Prior to commencement, we interrogate the details to ascertain which elements are likely to lead to water penetration, with particular attention to:


  • Roof, podium and balcony details

  • Junctions of windows and doors with adjacent façade elements

  • Review of curtain wall and window wall detailing

  • Basement and retaining wall protection.


Our philosophy is to encourage integrated water shedding, which considers the interaction of:


  • Hydraulic design, with particular regard to drainage from roofs, podiums and balconies

  • Architectural and engineering design of concrete profiles

  • Waterproofing membrane, sealant selection and detailing


This is achieved by facilitating interdisciplinary design detailing workshops.