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Ross Taylor Associates Webinars are provided with CPD accrediation in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Architects and Master Builders Association.


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Preventing Leaks and Litigation - by Design
Webinar Masterclass
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Leaks to buildings provide the biggest risk of litigation for both architects and builders alike. The most common cause of leaks to buildings is poor design.


In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Architects and Master Builders Australia, Ross Taylor presents a masterclass webinar on demand in design detailing to prevent water penetration.



  • The most common causes of leaks in contemporary construction

  • How designers and builders can prevent them from happening

  • How to better manage your risk of litigation


As a part of the webinar, a workshop analyses the design of a new apartment building which reinforces the learning and provides practical details for use in your projects.


3 CPD points from the Australian Institute of Architects are earned upon completion of the questions.

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Video Insights

Building Blox - Episode 1: Why Balconies Leak
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Building Blox is a series of video vignettes that provide insights in to the cause, prevention and cure of building defects.


Episode 1: 'Why Balconies Leak' is a six minute educational video produced for architects, engineers, builders, developers and property owners to gain an insight into one of the most common and costly building defects - leaking balconies.


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The Australian Flashing and Damp-proofing Handbook
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Soon to be released. This handbook provides general principles applicable to the efficient installation of water-proofing systems. These principles apply to all types of building construction.


It introduces and describes the most common types of flashings and damp-proof courses used in residential buildings and the

installation of them.


Written by Jack Horsfall and Gary Colliton. Copyright Ross Taylor Associates 2014.