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Regulatory Support

The pervasive problem of water penetration in high rise buildings across Australia is well known in the industry.


Regulators both national and state based have wrestled with the intricacies of regulating building industry behaviour with regard to building defects for many years. It is our belief that inadequate or contradictory regulation has been at the heart of the increase in water penetration problems throughout many sectors of the Australian building industry. To address this we are currently working with the NSW Building Commissioners team to improve regulation governing multi unit residential (Class 2 structures).

Involvement includes: 

• Chairing the water shedding working group for the Office of the Building Commissioner. This group of industry professionals and state government representatives is developing new clauses for the National Construction Code related to water penetration issues. The working group is also developing Technical Specifications for Standards Australia related to wet area waterproofing self draining balcony finishes and technical data sheet minimum information.

• Providing mentoring services for Construct NSW Auditors in forensic inspection techniques and technical report preparation. 

• Assisting Construct NSW with the drafting of waterproofing related clauses of the Design and Building Practitioners Regulation of NSW. 

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